Aromatherapy Lockets

I LOVE my new aromatherapy lockets!  With the interchangeable, washable, reusable colored pads I can have one for each scent/blend or go matchy matchy with my outfits!  I love being able to sniff my favorite oils throughout the day or anytime I am in NEED of some uplifting … or calming!

My FAVORITE one is the WONDER WOMAN locket!  I have a bunch of superheroes so go check out my page!

Go to the SHOP page on my MENU and it’ll direct you to my Wonder Grace Boutique Facebook page with oils, lockets, and diffusers for sale.

BEST of All is that I love including these as a FREE GIFT in my Enrollment PROMOS if you’d rather have an Aromatherapy Locket or Aromatherapy Car Diffuser instead of the diffuser in the promo.  Enroll with me to get wholesale prices on Doterra essential oils, please don’t pay retail!  👍😄



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