How to Enroll for Wholesale Prices

To get wholesale prices on the best essential oils around, your first step will be to enroll with membership.  Think of membership like Costco membership, but with rewards.  There is never any further commitment to buy or sell.  Only the opportunity to purchase at the best possible prices and with a guarantee of purity and potency directly from Doterra.

To enroll:

Click on:  JOIN & SAVE                                       Enroller & Sponsor ID: 217655

Choose:  Wellness Advocate gives you the best options, Enrollment Kits give you the best savings

💧Membership only:  $35/ year. 💧  

Renewal Fee for the second year and on is $25 plus they give you a FREE FULL SIZE PEPPERMINT ($27 retail value) when you pay the renewal fee, so it’s nearly free.  I think of it as just ordering Peppermint that month when it renews.

💧 💧 Enrollment Kits:  FREE MEMBERSHIP! 💧💧

When you purchase an enrollment kit your membership is FREE!  Plus you get discounts on the kit.  My favorites to start out with are the Family Essentials Kit (top 10 essential oils, 5mL = 80 drops, plus Beadlets – On Guard and Peppermint) and the Home Essentials Kit (the full size versions of the top 10 oils, 15mL = 250 drops, plus the PETAL DIFFUSER).  Click this link for more info on the enrollment kits:


💧💧💧 My  TEAM  GIFTS 💧💧💧

I give diffuser gifts and a Team Welcome Pack for enrolling under me, plus team and individual support.

🎁 For those who enroll with 100pv or more enrollment order: 🎁

🚗🚐 This month I am giving away the Car ScentTrekker from Greenair ultrasonic diffuser.  It is PERFECT for diffusing in the car or in your home.  It has a USB cord and can run for 30, 60, 90 minutes with a light or without.

🍊 🍋 I will also give you $40 worth of essential oils of your choice!  (If you enroll with membership only, I still give $30 worth of essential oils only, but no diffuser).

🎈Doterra has a great enrollment promo NEW YEAR NEW YOU where if you                   1) Enroll with 100pv  +  2) Make a 100pv Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order next month, = then you get 100 Rewards PV which is like getting $100 worth of products of your choice from Doterra for FREE!  Amazing promo and a great start to your essential oil makeover!

JOIN & SAVE as a Wellness Advocate (best options, no further commitments)

Enroller ID 217655

New Year New You event:









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