Essential Oils

Education is so key in your wellness journey with oils!  Here’s to empowering yourself with the information you need!  Here’s to experience and personal testimonies, which can’t be taken away by critics.

You are powerful, you are capable, you are smart enough to equip yourself to make the small changes that lead to a big difference . . . one step at a time!  🤓

Here are some links to resources that will help you make your own best, informed decisions!  I will add to this list.  Please comment below or email me if you have any questions!

Facebook classes:  Just request to be added to the Free online classes

  Essential Oils 101 class:

 I Have My Oils Now What class


Doterra Prices for all Products

                        Prices Per Drop:


  Doterra Product Catalog (descriptions of the oils, prices, etc.)

  Doterra Living Magazine (Digital with great ideas for how to use essential oils):

Doterra Living Magazine

Product Information Pages (PIP):  there are many more, just ask if you need help finding a specific oil.  PIP pages have primary benefits, product descriptions, uses, directions for use, prices, etc., and are a great resource to print out and keep.

  Lemon essential oil           Lavender essential oil          Melaleuca essential oil

Oregano essential oil          Peppermint essential oil

On Guard Protective Blend                   Breathe Respiratory Blend

DigestZen Digestive Blend